Wave 2 of Galactic Underworld Coming Your Way! Next Up: Latts Razzi!

By SWCT Team on 2017-09-02 20:00:00

Our newest insert set features some of the most infamous and notorious faces in the galaxy! You wouldn’t want to cross any of these characters… This is the Galactic Underworld Series!

Set Information:
8 inserts (5 variants) + 1 award card (5 variants)
-There will also be 1 award award (5 variants) for collecting all wave 1 + wave 2 inserts for each variant

-Black, Open-Edition (*IMPORTANT NOTE* Each black variant will TEMPORARILY sell out after 24 hours but since they are Open-Edition, they will be made "For Sale" once again when this set is complete)
-Blue, 24-hour availability
-Green, limited to 1,000 cc
-Bronze, limited to 100 cc
-Purple, limited to 25 cc

There will be a new featured character (5 variants) released every 24 hours!

These inserts are available in 2 packs (until sold out!):

Galactic Underworld Crystal Pack (via Crystals):
-Includes GUARANTEED black variant insert [while supplies last]
-Includes GUARANTEED blue variant insert [while supplies last]
-Includes 1:3 chance at green variant inserts [while supplies last]
-Includes 1:25 chance at bronze variant inserts [while supplies last]
-Includes 1:100 chance at purple variant inserts [while supplies last]

Galactic Underworld Pack (via Credits):
-Includes 1:5 chance at black variant inserts [while supplies last]
-Includes 1:15 chance at blue variant inserts [while supplies last]
-Includes 1:100 chance at green variant inserts [while supplies last]

1) Ziro the Hutt
2) Jiro
3) Latts Razzi

As always, all available limited inserts are available until sold out!

Head to the Cantina if you dare!

Head to the Cantina!