The Astromech Series Continues with Series 2 - NEW Insert!

By SWCT Team on 2017-08-10 18:00:00

UPDATE - Today's Metal Base Series 4 variant - Probe Droid (250 prints) - 1:4

If you own a starship, having an astromech droid is essential! They’re versatile and equipped with all the right tools; so don’t leave your home world without one!

Our newest insert set features these resourceful droids, including R2-D2 and BB-8!

Set Information
9 cards + 1 award card (Chopper) + 1 overall award card (R2-D2)
Inserts available for 24 hours only

New insert released every 24 hours!

Inserts available in TWO packs

1) Astromech Series Bundle in the "Credits & Special Offers" tab
Contains today's Astromech insert guaranteed!

Chances per pack at Metal Base Series 4 variants* (while available)
Probe Droid (250 prints) - 1:4
GNK Power Droid (TFA) (500 prints) - 1:2
C-3PO (available through the duration of the series ) - 1:100
BB-8 (available through the duration of the series ) - 1:100
*also includes Series 1 limited variants, based on availability

2) Astromech Series Pack in the Cantina
Chances per pack at featured Astromech inserts (available for 24 hours each)

Award Information
Collect all 9 inserts by 2:00 PM ET on August 21st for the Chopper award card!

Collect all 18 inserts by 2:00 PM ET on August 25th for the R2-D2 award card!

Head to the Cantina!