The Fight's Not Over Yet... Rebel Forces - Series 2 - Corporal Timker!

By SWCT Team on 2017-05-23 19:00:00

The brave men and women of the Rebellion come from diverse backgrounds from all across the galaxy. Their belief in the restoration of the Republic unites them all!

This is Rebel Forces!

Set Information
2 series' of 9 cards each, 1 award card for each series (K-2SO & Cassian Andor) and 1 overall set award for collecting all 18 inserts

New insert released every 24 hours!

Inserts available in TWO packs

Premium Pack
Inserts at 1:3 odds

Standard Pack
Inserts at 1:15 odds

NOTE: Premium Packs are available to registered fans who have made at least 1 purchase in the "Credits & Special Offers Store" since signing up.

Collect these inserts featuring the soldiers of the Rebellion as seen in Star Wars: Rogue One!

Head to the Cantina!