Star Wars 40th Anniversary - Classic Stickers Series 2 - Han Solo!

By SWCT Team on 2017-05-12 20:30:00

Whether you’ve put them on a notebook, on your locker or even your landspeeder, these Star Wars sticker inserts are out of this world!

Set Information:
7 Cards + 1 Award Card, 5 Variants
NOTE: There will be no award card for Steel, but there will be an award card for the other 4 variants.

New insert released every 24 hours (except for Steel)

Available in two bundles in the "Credits & Special Offers" tab

Classic Stickers Bundle
Steel - 1 Guaranteed in every pack!
Blue - 1:3
Red - 1:10
Green - 1:25
Purple - 1:100

Also adds 5,000 Credits to your account!

Classic Stickers Mega Bundle
Steel - 1 Guaranteed in every pack!
Blue - Guaranteed in every pack!
Red - Guaranteed in every pack!
Green - 1:3
Purple - 1:10

Also adds 55,000 Credits to your account!

NOTE: There are 17 Classic Stickers Series cards in TOTAL. 17 Steel variants will be for sale and available in packs today, but ALL 17 will also be available by code redemption in the Topps Star Wars 40th Anniversary physical product!

Be on the lookout for it in stores on May 4th!

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