Star Wars: Rogue One Vehicle Series - TIE Fighter!

By SWCT Team on 2017-04-11 23:00:00

Get into the cockpit of the vehicles seen in Star Wars: Rogue One!

Steer these new inserts right into your collection!

Set Information:
10 cards + 1 award card, 2 variants

New insert released every 24 hours!

Available in two packs at the following odds
Master Pack
Blue (Open Edition) - GUARANTEED
Red - 1:3

The Master Pack will be available to fans who pick up any credit bundle from the "Credits & Special Offers" tab that day. You'll have Master access until 6:00 AM ET the following day.

Standard Pack
Blue (Open Edition) - GUARANTEED
Red - 1:10

Fans that collect all Blue AND Red inserts (not including award cards) will receive a Star Wars: Rogue One Schematic card! Giveout will be announced at a later date.

Head to the Cantina!

Head to the Cantina!