Droids Marathon Marching Your Way! Week 30 - Vulture Droid!

By SWCT Team on 2017-01-17 15:00:00

In the Star Wars galaxy, droids are programmed to perform all kinds of tasks, from baking cakes to carrying out assassinations. Our newest set features droids of all shapes, sizes and functions!

In other words this card will ONLY be available in Packs for 24 HOURS.

Droids Series will have:
-Limited to 3,000 Cards
-1:10 in the Droids Expansion Pack
-1:5 in the Droids Base 4 Master Pack

Wave 3 Award Checklist:
Week 21 - BX-Series Droid Commando
Week 22 - Droid Tri-Fighter
Week 23 - TC-70
Week 24 - ASN Courier Droid
Week 25 - Russol-ISC
Week 26 - SRT-Droid
Week 27 - BD-3000 Luxury Droid
Week 28 - CS-321
Week 29 - Midwife Droid
Week 30 - Vulture Droid

The Droid Series is a Marathon set. For each group of 10 that you collect (inserts 1-10, 11-20, and 21-30), you’ll earn a special award card. Also, collect all 30 for an exceptionally rare award card!

Head into the Cantina to collect them all!

Power up your Droids collection today!