Galaxies Opera House is the Newest Location Stats Insert!

By SWCT Team on 2017-01-06 22:00:00

Location Stats are the newest inserts! These unique cards feature key places on different worlds all across the Star Wars Galaxy.

11 inserts + 1 Award Card
-Each card will be available for 48 hours and will sell out when that time is reached

Location Stats Pack
-1:30 insert odds

Location Stats Bundle Pack (unlocked by purchasing Location Stats Bundle)
-1 GUARANTEED insert

1) Mustafar
2) Mos Espa
3) Carbon Freezing Chamber
4) Coruscant Senate Building
5) Naboo
6) Kamino
7) Sarlacc Pit
8) Geonosis
9) Galaxies Opera House

More information about the award card's one time give out will be provided once all 11 inserts have been released.

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