Star Wars: Rogue One - Shadow Portraits - Death Trooper

By SWCT Team on 2017-01-01 22:00:00

With the Empire constructing a secret superweapon, it is a dark time for the galaxy…

Our newest inserts capture that tone featuring characters from Star Wars: Rogue One. This is Shadow Portraits!

10 inserts + 1 Darth Vader Award Card
-Each card will be available for 48 hours and will sell out when that time is reached

Shadow Portraits Pack
-1:60 insert odds

Shadow Portraits – Rebellion Pack (unlocked by purchasing Shadow Portraits bundle - see below for details)
-1:30 insert odds

Shadow Portraits – Rebellion Bundle:
1) Provides “Shadow Portraits - Rebellion Pack" for duration of featured character release (reduces Shadow Portraits odds to 1:30)
2) Provides access to a “Rebellion Reinforcements Pack” which contains 3 Star Wars: Rogue One Open Edition inserts
3) Provides 25,000 Credits

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fans need to purchase another bundle when the next character releases to continue preferred odds

1) Jyn Erso
2) Imperial Guard
3) Chirrut
4) Baze
5) Mon Mothma
6) X-Wing Pilot
7) General Draven
8) Bodhi
9) Death Trooper

More information about the award card's one time give out will be provided once all 10 inserts have been released.

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