Blueprints - Star Destroyer

By The Senate on 2015-12-14 03:30:00

Blueprints were necessary for bringing down not one, but TWO Death Stars. The technical readouts of those battle stations were invaluable to the Rebellion once they were analyzed for weaknesses.

Now you can plan your own offensive and study up on the blueprints from the Classic trilogy! Introducing our newest set—Star Wars: Blueprints. Collect them all today!

Today's blueprint is the Star Destroyer!

Set info:
18 Cards
Collect all 18 to get the Blueprints Death Star II award card!

Card Counts and Odds:
Orange - 6000 - 1:10 - Master Pack & Regular Pack
Green - 3000 - 1:20 - Master Pack & Regular Pack
Purple - 1500 - 1:40 - Master Pack
Red - 750 - 1:80 - Master Pack
Blue - 250

Try your luck with the Blueprints Chance Master Pack! You'll receive one GUARANTEED Red insert. BUT there's a possibility that you may pull 1, 2, 3 or all 4 of the other inserts! This pack will only be available for 24-hours or until the Blue variant sells out.

If the Blue does not sell out within 24-hours, the remaining copies will be available in the Blueprints Master Pack at 1:200 odds.

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