Hot Moments: New Set Moment's Edge 5:30 PM ET.

By The Senate on 2015-10-07 22:15:00

10/8 Hot Moments at 5:30 PM until 6:30 PM. This is only for the master access pack as the regular variant has been sold out. Reduced odds on both black and metal.

10/8 Hot Moments: We have another Hot Moments (note the regular pack sold out last night so won't be available) but in master access this will be available to users starting at 9:15 AM ET to get the Metal or Black variant.

Update: Moment's Edge Pack is sold out but there are still more cards in the Moment's Edge Master Pack Hot Moments right now until 10:15 at reduced odds. (Ended)

Update: For the next hour the packs are "Hot moments" meaning the odds are lower see below for the odds:

Whether they’re immersed in combat or preparing for an epic adventure, ‘Moment’s Edge’ features your favorite characters in striking action poses!

Red - 3,500 Regular - Moment's Edge Pack 1:30
Metal - 24HR Release - Master Access - Moment's Edge Master Pack 1:50
Black - 500 Master Access - Moment's Edge Master Pack 1:100

Make sure to keep checking your app because there will be what we call "Hot Moments" when the pack will have better odds. The pack art will look different and the details will be in the description. Here are the hot odds when the pack is active:

Red - 1:10
Metal - 1:25
Black - 1:50

Whether you’re a fan of Luke, Vader, or both, collect you’re favorite characters now!

This is a 10 card set with the 11th card being the award.