Celebrate Rebels Season 2!

By SWCT Team on 2015-06-20 19:00:00

Tonight marks the premiere of Star Wars Rebels Season 2 with the hour-long special episode "Siege of Lothal!"

To celebrate the premiere, here's one more Base Series 2 preview card: Ahsoka Tano! Ahsoka will be available in standard Base and Master Packs from 3 PM ET to 3 AM ET! The odds are the same as a Blue base card in each pack.

NOTE: As to avoid technical errors, Ahsoka can currently be found in the Blue section of Base Cards. After the sell-out time, the parallel will be switched to the correct Base Variant.

And let's use this post as a place for the Rebels fans to congregate for our first live watchalong! Good luck chasing Ahsoka and May the Force Be With You!

Spark the Rebellion!